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Who we are

Who We Are

Sarah Brandon – PTA Chair

My eldest daughter is currently in her first year at Lincoln University studying Music following many happy years at Ousedale and my other daughter is in Year 8 at Ousedale. I am currently Chair of River Meadow Pre School and was involved at Tickford Park Primary School so was a natural progression to join the PTA at Ousedale. I am also Secretary of the Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee. As you can probably tell I like to keep myself busy.

Caroline Barrass – PTA Treasurer

I’m Caroline and in 2020, I volunteered to be Treasurer for the Ousedale School PTA. I currently have two daughters at Ousedale - one in Year 7 and the other in Year 9. I also have a son in Year 4 so not too long before I will have all three attending Ousedale. I very much admire Ousedale School’s aspiration to make so many educational opportunities available to the students. I believe that all our students deserve a first class education with access to all the resources required - whether that be through larger capital needs to improve the setting or through the provision of day-to-day items or events. I’m also acutely aware that there has been a serious short-fall in funding for state secondary schools for many years now. I hope that, as part of our PTA, I can help with fundraising and fill some of the immediate funding gaps. And, if we’re successful as a PTA, and as a wider school community, I would like to think we could go on to achieve even more and raise additional funds for new and exciting projects that add even more value to our children’s educational experience.

Anna Everington – PTA Secretary

My name is Anna, and I became the Secretary of the Ousedale PTA in 2020. I have two children at the Olney Campus, one in Year 9 and one in Year 7. I joined the PTA when my eldest first joined Ousedale, as we didn’t come from a feeder school and I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet other parents and find out more about what happens at school. Being part of the PTA has been a great insight to the school and I find out so much more than my kids ever tell me!

Lorraine Honour

I have two children at Ousedale Newport campus, one in Year 12 and the other in Year 8. I attended Ousedale myself in the 80’s so the school has always held a special place in my heart. I joined the PTA because I wanted an active role within the school environment to help with ever needed fundraising. I have over the years been part of my children’s primary school PTA’s and also for a long time have been the secretary for a local scout group helping with fundraising.

Natalie Bell

I'm Natalie, mother of 4 and all have attended Ouesdale Newport campus. I currently have a daughter in Year 12 (6th form), a son in Year 10 and a daughter in Year 7. Having previously enjoyed being part of a PTA in a primary school, I was keen to become a member. I've found it extremely helpful finding out everything that goes on at school, as the children become more independent once at secondary school. It also gives an opportunity to put my views across for anything that I feel will benefit the children.

Ursula Watkins

I have a son in Year 7 at the Newport Pagnell Campus. Although I live within Newport I do not know much about the school and being aware of funding cuts within education and also going through a pandemic I felt it was important to support the school. Especially as I am passionate about education, learning and inclusion as I embark upon my own journey into education in September when I start teacher training. So wanted to support the school in this way by joining the PTA.

Valerie Chua-Goh

We are a Singaporean family who have lived in Germany for over 13 years, we relocated to the UK about three and half years ago due to my husband’s job posting. We have 2 boys; one in Year 7 and our elder son used to attend Ousedale, he completed his A-levels in 2019 and is currently serving his National Service in Singapore. I run my own business development consultancy to support clients in their marketing and sales requirements for IT products and services and international expansion to Singapore.

I am passionate about learning with a growth mindset and love to instill extra-curriculum learning in my boys. As I believe every child is talented in their own way, thus giving them opportunities to learn and explore is the best way to develop their inquisitive mindset. This is also one of my reason to join the PTA, to share and contribute in activities to improve every student’s learning journey.

Vicky Stock

My name is Vicky. I have a daughter in Year 8 at Newport Pagnell campus and one coming up in September 2022. I was keen to join the PTA as I have been a member of my daughters’ primary school’s PTA for many years and have seen the difference the extra funds and enrichment can make and wanted to try to continue to help as my daughters’ school move up through their education.