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Student Leadership

Ousedale School is a community in which students are fully integrated in student leadership roles that support the work of the school and the wider community, while at the same time developing their leadership skills preparing them for the next stage of their education or employment.

Ousedale School Student Leadership 2023-2024

We are excited that we are able to re-launch a number of exciting leadership opportunities this year, enabling a large number of students to be actively involved in supporting and developing both the school and wider community. 

Aims of Student Leadership at Ousedale School

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.  
  • To provide opportunities for students to flourish within the school and wider community
  • To provide a chance for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities which impact positively within school on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff, as well as out of school in the local community.  
  • To prepare students holistically to excel in life after formal education.


Student Council:

Each year group (at each campus) will have its own student council so that students can work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to inform future planning for the school. In year 11, the Ambassadors will fulfil this role and in Year 13 it will be our Student Leadership Team.

Each year, the Student Councils have a specific focus and this year, we will be asking the Councils to focus on the following school priorities:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student panels
  • Charity
  • Ousedale School Vision

6th Form Leadership Team

In addition to representing the views of their year group, the Sixth Form Leadership Team will also focus on the following areas: diversity, well-being, charity, environment, transition, teaching and learning across the whole school, working closely with our younger students to support them in their leadership roles. These areas are fluid and reflect priorities according to the cohort.

Additional Sixth Form Leadership Roles

There are also a number of additional Sixth Form leadership roles which we look forward to a significant number of students being involved in to support both the school and local community:

  • Litter picker/cleaning the environment
  • Leading in the community work placements
  • Contribution to main School lessons
  • Leadership of external organisations e.g. Save the Children

Additional Leadership Roles for all students (Years 7-11):

Leadership Role


Careers Leader

This role allows students to be more involved with the careers department, planning events to support career aspirations. Students will also report back ideas from other students to expand provision in line with students’ interests.

Sustainability Leader

This role will provide students with opportunities to improve the school environment and promote sustainability. Students will also work with staff to create a vibrant learning environment for students.

Library Leader

This role is aimed at students who are passionate about books and reading, who would relish the responsibility of reviewing new books to inform and engage other students whilst also supporting the day to day running of the Library

Literacy Leaders (KS4/KS5 students)

This role will enable KS4/KS5 students who are passionate about the importance of reading to support others in developing their literacy and reading comprehension.

Numeracy Leaders (KS4/KS5 students)

This role will enable KS4/KS5 students who are passionate about the importance of numeracy in day to day life to support others in developing their numeracy skills.

Wellbeing Leader

This role will provide students with the opportunity to review current PSHE provision and inform future planning to meet the needs of each year group. Students will also work with the PALs and the pastoral team to extend and raise awareness of the support available in school.

Engagement Leader

This role will raise the profile of Ousedale within the local community, exploring projects that they can support out in Newport Pagnell and Olney. The leadership group will also inform the school and wider community of the projects that they can be involved in.

Music Leader

This role will provide students with opportunities to lead, promote and officiate various music activities throughout the school year, supporting the Music Department in delivering a varied and extensive programme. 

Transition Leader

This role will provide students with opportunities to be involved supporting students in their transition process from middle school to secondary school or secondary to 6th form and also students who join us part way through the school year.

Diversity Leader This role will provide students with the opportunity to help celebrate diversity across the school and improve in key areas where needed.

In addition to these roles, the PE Department will also be recruiting Sports Leaders.

SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation:

All students involved in Student Leadership roles will be given the opportunity to take part in the Student Leadership Accreditation with specific leadership training from the SSAT provided in school. Students will also explore other potential training.

The SLA offers a formal way to champion and celebrate the leadership skills our secondary students develop in and out of school, requiring students to create a portfolio in which they gather and upload evidence to showcase their skills. They grade their work using a self-assessment framework that covers ten core skill sets, grouped into three themes:

  • Developing myself
  • Working with others
  • Contributing to my community


Role adverts and application form below: