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Ousedale School is an 11-19 academy based on two campuses; Newport Pagnell and Olney.  In 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, we were the top school in Milton Keynes for attainment at GCSE and first and second respectively for progress, placing us in the top 30% in the country. Our GCSE English results are in the top 10% nationally. In January 2020 the school received an excellent Ofsted report where the team declared we continued to be a very good school.  In May 2020 the school won 4 national awards for our educational outcomes: three for progress and attainment at GCSE and one in the Sixth Form for applied subjects. The Sixth Form has an enviable reputation locally and nationwide; 10% of students join us from other schools.  Over 50% of students achieve A*/B at A level.

Our vision is shared by all staff and increasingly communicated throughout the school by students.  It is: “Ousedale School will provide all students with the knowledge, confidence and skills to contribute and successfully compete in a changing world locally, nationally and globally.”

We will continue to have the ‘absolute belief’ regardless of the current situation we find ourselves in as a school community. We are committed to providing a top quality education for all, whether that be remote learning or face to face learning in school. During these unprecedented times, we must all show resilience to overcome all obstacles to ensure that every student has the possibility to realise their full potential. This will take dedication and perseverance and there will be episodes of extreme difficulty but with continued support, both academically and emotionally, we will prosper as a school community.

We look forward to seeing all staff and students back in school in the near future and providing our enrichment, ASPIRE (broadening minds) programme, DofE and on average at least 33 residential trips a year, which not only gives students amazing additional opportunities, but they also support the development of character, knowledge, vocabulary, team work and leadership.

Our pastoral team, supported by access to over 30 mental health programmes, counsellors and learning mentors ensure all children are safe, nurtured and supported through difficult times. Ofsted in January 2020 said, “Pupils feel safe in school and they behave well in lessons. They are keen to do well and are respectful of their teachers. Pupils concentrate in lessons. Around school, pupils behave sensibly. Bullying is unusual and dealt with well when it does happen.”

The School is a specialist music academy and we admit up to 36 out of catchment students a year on musical aptitude.  We are consistently oversubscribed; each year we receive over 760 applications for 360 places.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.  

Stuart Glover

Acting Headteacher     


Chair of Governors Announcement 19/05/21 – our new Headteacher Andy Burton

We have appointed Andy Burton as the new permanent Headteacher, he will be joining Ousesdale in September 2021. For full details please see the link below:

New Headteacher - Andy Burton

Updated May 2021




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