Sixth Form Student Leadership Team 2020-21

Congratulations to the new 2020-21 Sixth Form Leadership Team

Nathan Smith - Head Boy 

Since joining Ousedale in Year 7, I can say I have been provided with an excellent learning environment that has allowed me to achieve above and beyond my personal expectations. Throughout my time at Ousedale I have been offered many opportunities which have given me the knowledge, confidence and skills that have enabled me to become Head Boy. As Head Boy, I hope to create a community within the school in which all students can express their voice and be at the forefront of decision making. This is particularly important considering the impact of Covid-19 on education and life.
I have taken advantage of the many leadership opportunities that have been presented to me during my time at the school. Being Student Ambassador in Year 11 benefitted both the school and myself massively and I hope the role of Head Boy will do the same. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to be managing director of a student company as part of the Young Enterprise programme, which was invaluable as I would like to pursue a career in Business and Finance. Currently, I am studying Maths, Economics and Business at A-level and hope to join a financial organisation in which I can incorporate the skills I have developed during my studies at Ousedale.

Danielle Balletta - Head Girl

Throughout my time at Ousedale (Year 7 to Sixth Form), I have been involved in a variety of leadership roles and opportunities the school has on offer, such as serving on the Student Council, being an Ambassador, getting involved with Save the Children, and many more. I passionately enjoy school and my time at Ousedale and participating in these roles has allowed me to further my aspiration of making the school experience of all students at Ousedale as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. As Head Girl I will endeavour to continue to do this. 

Being at Ousedale has helped me grow as an individual and allowed me to achieve my potential and further pursue my ambitions by providing me with every possibility needed; to volunteer at a local care home as well as laying the foundation for gaining a place on a very competitive work experience programme at MK Hospital. 
I currently take Biology, Chemistry and History with the aim of studying Biomedical Sciences at either the University of Edinburgh, or Warwick University. 
Outside of school I work at a Garden Centre, help teach ballet and tap to youngsters (which is very difficult but rewarding!) and play two musical instruments.
As Head Girl I aim to give back to the school community that has given me so much. I will strive to continue my quest to ensure all forms (through the Student Councils) have a say on issues that they feel impassioned about, as well as making sure that the school experience is the very best it can be for everyone. 
We have all come through some unprecedented times recently and the year ahead will be like no other that we have known. During these disruptive times, I will strive to build a sense of cohesion throughout the school and make sure everyone continues to Aspire, Believe and especially Achieve. 

Kyle Barbarovich - Deputy Head Boy

Throughout my time at Ousedale, I have really driven myself to take up the multitude of opportunities afforded to students such as student investor or young enterprise. Experiences like this have really pushed me to further my knowledge of my subject area but also to broaden my understanding beyond what is taught in classrooms. In addition, the teachers I have had since Year 7 have always encouraged me to push myself to constantly improve whilst being helpful with any issues I have had. I currently study Business, Economics and Physics at Sixth Form with the hope that I can get a masters degree equivalent apprenticeship in business advisory and consultation. These events and extra-curricular activities I have taken part in have really given me the tools to do whatever I aspire to do.  
I applied for a leadership position because Ousedale School has provided me with so many opportunities over the past few years and I would like to help other students in feeling that they too have made the most of their time here but to be a vehicle for their views and ideas in order to improve their experience in both main school and Sixth Form. I think it is important that school should be inclusive and interactive for everyone who attends and I hope that the leadership team and I can further develop the culture and community of Ousedale. 


Charlotte Bruce - Deputy Head Girl

I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have been a student at Ousedale since Year 7 and to have been able to develop and thrive as a result of all the opportunities it has given me. Throughout my time on the School Council and role as an Ambassador, my work with Save the Children and my dedication to the Music Department, I have come to realise the benefits of voicing my own opinions and participating in every opportunity I am offered. 
I am currently studying English Literature, Politics and History with the ambition to study Law at Oxbridge. Outside of school, I work a part time job as a barista, play as a Principal Musician in the Milton Keynes Youth Orchestra and I am a member of the Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet. This group has enabled me to expand on my passion and understanding of Politics through being a representative for the young people of this community. It has given me experience working for charities and campaigning for issues such as climate action which I plan to reflect on throughout this role. 
As Deputy Head Girl, I will work to the best of my ability to represent my peers and ensure everyone’s voice and opinions are heard. In such unprecedented times, I will work within the leadership team to focus on maintaining the sense of community within the sixth form and the school as a whole and maximise the opportunities students have outside of academic learning too.

 Sam Clements - Deputy Head Boy

During my time at Ousedale I have been a part of many events that have been provided to me by the school. I have been able to experience many new things and push myself to new limits, which inspired me to go for the role of Deputy Head Boy. I decided to study Economics, Maths and Physics in Sixth Form with the intention to go into a career in finance. As a result of the fantastic support teachers have provided me throughout my time at Ousedale, I am in a position where I can apply to go to a Russell Group University to gain a degree in Economics. Outside of Ousedale I do a range of team sports, mainly football where I play for one of the local clubs, and engage with people in the community. This year I hope to organise many events that everyone can engage in and make sure that everyone at Ousedale has a voice.

Lauryn Roberts - Deputy Head Girl

My time at Ousedale has provided me with many opportunities, allowing me to grow as an individual. Previously, I have been able to give back to the school community as a part of the ambassador team and I am delighted to be able to continue to do so as a part of the sixth form leadership team. As Deputy Head Girl, my priorities lie in providing support to the whole school community, from Year 7 through to Year 13. I am particularly keen on developing the school’s transition program, ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible and that everyone receives the support they need whether they have been with us from the beginning, or we are welcoming them from elsewhere.
I have received a great amount of support from Ousedale over the years and so the decision to stay for my years at sixth form came easily to me. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level and plan on continuing my scientific studies at a Russell Group University. I would like to go into scientific research in the future; Ousedale has provided me with the skills and confidence I need to strive to make a difference in the world and I hope that I can provide the same support to others so that they feel as though they can achieve their own aspirations. It is my duty to aid the school community to the best of my ability and so I will strive to be of support in any way possible over the next year.

David Hmensa - Deputy Head Boy

I joined Ousedale in Year 12 and have already taken up many opportunities the school has offered me, which have helped develop my personal, academic and leadership skills. Ousedale has provided me the opportunities to be a Student Council Member and a Save the Children Ambassador thus enabling me to contribute and participate in the school community. 

As Deputy Head Boy, I aim to use my knowledge and pragmatism to make considerable impacts for the student body. As part of the leadership team a key focus is to help support Year 12 students transition into Sixth Form and to encourage their engagement in Ousedale’s enrichment activities.
Following my International Development career interests, I currently study Sociology, History, Psychology and EPQ. I plan to pursue a Sociology and / or International Development degree with a Russell Group University. 
In my personal time, I enjoy playing the piano, bass guitar and drums in church and participating in sports such as basketball. Outside of school I help mentor younger students within my social network to support their transition into secondary school and Sixth Form.

Sophie Morton - Deputy Head Girl

Throughout my 6 years at Ousedale School, I have engrossed myself in the many aspects the school has to offer, and developed my passion for the school. Becoming a Save the Children Ambassador under Ousedale’s support has allowed me to give back to the wider community and make larger changes that extend further than the school gates and this is also my intention as Deputy Head Girl. Moving into Sixth Form, I made the decision to study English Language, Philosophy and Ethics and Geography to help my ambition to become a Speech and Language Therapist. The support from the teachers has enabled me to apply for Russell Group Universities and this is where I aspire to see myself in the upcoming years. In my free time, I work a part time job as well as enjoy participating in music, reading and writing activities in and out of Ousedale School. My main focus in developing the leadership position is to provide more charity events in which fundraising for charities in need would be the priority, as well as joining the school community closer together in sponsored events. I am prosperous about the opportunity to make positive changes within school and be of support in any way I can.



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