Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to the new 2019-20 Sixth Form Leadership Team

Ben Follows - Head Boy 

Being at Ousedale School since Year 7, I have become accustomed to the community and culture Ousedale has created around mem, leading me on a path to where I am today.

Currently I am studying History, Politics and Sociology with the ambition to study law at University.  Outside of school I have a keen interest in Politics being involved with the Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet and as a Member of Youth Parliament for Milton Keynes North. In addition I have been attending Army Cadets since 2015 developing skills and qualities that have lead me to where I am today.

As Head Boy, I wish to enrich your experience and Ousedale further by expanding on opportunities and experiences available.  In addition, to captivate your voice by bringing you to the forefront of the decisions in many aspects of our community.

Emily Goodge - Head Girl

Throughout my time at Ousedale, from year 7 to Sixth Form, I have been given many opportunities and now I have been given the privilege to be Head Girl this year.  The school has helped me develop as an individual as well as learn a number of valuable skills that will help me within this role.

I currently study PE, Sociology and Psychology.  Within my first year of joining the school, my passion for sport increased vastly and so I was excited to further my knowledge on the subject and aspire to study a sports coaching and physical education course at the University of Loughborough or Bath.

When I applied for the role of Head Girl, I looked over my time at Ousedale and the school’s motto – Aspire, Believe, Achieve – helped me to create my vision for the Sixth Form. I believe that it is my duty, as Head Girl, to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard so we can better ourselves and the school at the same time. I believe this can be done by creating a sense of unity throughout the whole school and maintaining good communication between all student leadership roles across the school and campuses.  As well as introducing mentoring roles. I also feel very strongly about helping raise money for charity and would work with the rest of the Student Leadership Team to create more opportunities for the school to support both local and global charities.

Conor Finan - Deputy Head Boy

My role is to help to enrich the experiences of every member of the sixth form and the main school as well.  I have been at Ousedale since year 7 and have received many great opportunities as a result, an interest in History and Politics emerged from these and I am now taking both of those subjects at A level.

I hope to study History or Classics at Kings College London, and then take it further perhaps with a master’s degree in a similar subject.  My aim is to enter the Civil Service and play a role in legislation, hoping to make real change in the country, this was mainly inspired by some work experience at the House of Commons arranged through school.  My main focus for this year is encouraging greater student participation throughout the school, which is possible at every level.


Rosie Bannerman - Deputy Head Girl

Throughout my time at Ousedale I have faced many challenges and triumphs, all of which have helped me grow as an individual.  I have learnt many valuable lessons and appreciate all the opportunities I have experienced.  After finishing my GCSE’s, I decided to continue my studies at the Sixth Form where I currently take Maths, History and Art.  I feel that the skills I am acquiring during Sixth Form will prepare me for University where I hope to study Architecture.  In my free time I enjoy participating in music, sport and volunteering activities alongside my Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I have a passion for promoting positive wellbeing and I hope to use my role as Deputy Head Girl to enhance this further.  I intend to do this through encouraging involvement in wellbeing activities and promoting a school wide campaign within Wellbeing Week and Young Minds ‘Yellow day’.  Within my role, I also aim to develop the school’s sustainability scheme, working alongside the environment leaders.  I would love to introduce outdoor recycling bins and a reusable flask incentive scheme within the Sixth Form.  I look forward to getting to know students across all year groups and campuses.

 Leon Papadopoulos- Head of Transition

I am Head of Transition in Ousedale Sixth Form and currently I am studying 3 A-Levels: Mathematics, History and Economics. I am hoping to study Law at a top end Russel Group university by the start of next year.

As Head of Transition I want to improve the transition of external students into our Sixth Form by making it as smooth as possible for students that are coming to study at Ousedale Sixth Form for the first time. 


Alice Gambles - Transition Leader

I joined Ousedale in year 12 and have never looked back. I have especially enjoyed all of the opportunities that have been provided by the school, like various speakers who have talked in assemblies. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity of becoming a member of the leadership team.

I am studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.  In the future, I would like to go to university, to study Mathematics.

In my role as a member of the leadership team, I will help with transition.  Joining the sixth form from another school, I know how daunting it can be and would like to help students both make their transition from GCSE’s to A-Levels and the transition to a new school.



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