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Ousedale School is a community in which students are fully integrated in student leadership roles that support the work of the school and the wider community, while at the same time developing their leadership skills preparing them for the next stage of their education or employment.

Aims of Student Leadership at Ousedale School

·         To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.  

·         To provide opportunities for students to flourish within the school and wider community

·         To provide a chance for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities which impact positively within school on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff, as well as out of school in the local community.  

·         To prepare students holistically to excel in life after formal education.

Please look out for updates and new leadership roles throughout the year.


Ousedale School Student Leadership 2020/21

This year, whilst current restrictions are in place, we are starting our launch of student leadership with the recruitment of our year group Student Councils. The role of student council members will be to: 

Represent your year group/s point of view

Feedback on Teaching and Learning / Google Classroom

Consider ideas for Charity Week 2020

Explore how can we improve the learning environment in line with current restrictions

Explore how we can celebrate


Student Leadership 2019/2020

Leadership Update – December 2019    

This term has been extremely busy for our Leadership Teams.

Following the re-launch of all Leadership positions in September, we were overwhelmed with the number of applications.

The focus of our student councils this year focuses around three core areas: free time, charity and feedback on lessons. They have been very busy already in getting underway!

Student Councils 2019/20

Newport Pagnell

The Year 7 Student Council have been focusing on creating a free time area for any students who may be feeling lonely and vulnerable during lunch and break time. As a result, they have developed a safe area in the PILC where year 7’s can go to socialise with others and the Year 7 council students themselves have put together a rota so that they are there to meet and greet any students who attend.

Year 8 have been looking at what makes a good council member and the successes of last year’s council. They have also been looking at ways that they can support with this year’s Charity Week and also how they can work with the Environment Leaders to create a Key Stage 3 and 4 picnic area and also an area for wet days.

Year 9 are currently planning a range of fundraising activities and year group competitions. Year 10 have been working closely with the 6th Form Leadership Team in organising this year’s non-uniform day and Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save The Children. Year 11 on the other hand have had a slightly different focus. They have been working hard on their prom and year book preparations.

The 6th form Student Councils have also been extremely busy. In Year 12, students have been compiling a student focused study guide to support them in their time at Ousedale Sixth Form. Year 13 have been influential in organising our extremely successful Charity Week, and they have also worked with younger students in leadership positions to support them in their projects.


The introduction of a new Pastoral structure at Olney Campus this year has led to some exciting changes in the way our Student Councils will run. Previously, we have run a Key Stage 3 and a Key Stage 4 Student Council, but this year through additional capacity we have a Student Council at every year group. We believe this will allow a more targeted focus at each year group, further developing and enhancing the effectiveness and impact of student voice.

The Student Councils have each been identifying projects in key areas where they can get involved to have a positive impact both on their year group and across the wider school. These projects will run alongside the good work also being done by leadership groups such as the Environment Leaders, Enrichment Leaders and Transition Leaders. I look forward to seeing these projects develop and the impact they have as the year progresses.

Each of the Student Councils played key roles in our recent charity week activities. Assisting with the organisation of activities such as Ousedale’s Got Talent, Charity Sports Matches and tutor group stalls, while also getting fully involved with the activities along with their fellow students. Charity week was again very successful, this year raising money for the charity Save the Children, that is celebrating its 100th year anniversary.

Leadership Groups

In addition to the Student Councils, we have also relaunched our Leadership Groups. Students have had the opportunity to join subject specific leadership groups (Art, Music, Drama, PE) or join a whole school Leadership Group. This year, to enable students to have the time to implement projects they are working on, the following leadership groups have been meeting during enrichment time. We have been extremely impressed with the motivation and determination of these young people in driving their ideas forward and looking at ways we can further develop the experience of students at Ousedale School.

Enrichment Leaders -  Newport Pagnell

The Enrichment Leaders at the Newport Pagnell Campus have reviewed current enrichment provision and have been planning 3 new enrichment activities that they feel students will enjoy and also link to the school’s aims. Students have been liaising with coach companies, local businesses and putting together their plans to determine whether their ideas are cost effective for students and parents.

Environment Leaders – Newport Pagnell

The Environment Leaders at Newport Pagnell have spent time reviewing the school’s outside areas and provision during free time. Working alongside the Year 8 Student Council, they are planning on implementing a harmony area – pond / Eco Centre extension and possible orchard and also a KS3 picnic area. They have been working on costs and putting together a bid for their ideas and have already presented their initial thoughts to Mrs Carbert.

Transition Leaders – Newport Pagnell

Students have discussed what is already in place for the transition to school and looked at ways this could be improved. They have split in to four project groups to complete tasks in enrichment:

  • Review of planner
  • Development of a student friendly starter pack.
  • Video to show the year 6 students around the school and introduce them into Ousedale life at the Newport Pagnell Campus.
  • Development of a user friendly map of the school which will be used in a variety of places such as planner, display boards and back of timetables.

Transition Leaders - Olney

The Olney Transition Leaders have also reviewed  the current transition programme and are also working on a video to introduce students to the Olney Campus. They are hoping this could also be viewed on the Ousedale website in case anyone forgot any key points that they were worried about.

Students have planned the video in 3 sections:

  • Advice from year 7 students
  • A day in the life of an Ousedale student
  • Advice from friendly teachers!

Students have also expressed that they think a buddy system would be really useful for new students. They are going to plan this when they have finished making the video.

Environment Leaders - Olney

Mrs Mazgaj arranged for Phil O’Driscoll from NAMPAK to come a do a presentation about the plastics industry and how they use recycled material in their products on Wednesday 4th December.

They are a global company but this division mainly manufactures milk cartons and a few other plastic products.

The company would like to work with the school and provide some workshops on how their company is working towards developing sustainability and reducing their carbon impact on the environment.  They presented this from the scientific approach as well as how products are manufactured and the energy required to do this.  It was both very fascinating and thought provoking and also made clear links with how science is used in the real world and highlighted the importance of our own responsibility when considering what we purchase and use.

They would be prepared to visit both campuses and perhaps do a whole year group assembly and also work in a more interactive way with a smaller group of students. The Environment Leaders are looking at how they can work keen and talented chemists as the science behind the manufacturing was really quite interesting.  Along with this they also would be happy to have students visit their manufacturing plant in Newport Pagnell. 

Enrichment Leaders - Olney

The Olney Enrichment Leaders have also discussed the current offer for Enrichment during the Autumn term. They have made suggestions for possible additional activities for the next two enrichment cycle and have also discussed gathering opinions and ideas from attending a number of AM registration sessions. They have categorised possible activities by factors such as – on/offsite, free/cost, transport needed/not needed and started investigating each of these possible activities, looking at access, cost, availability, contacts etc.

Careers Leaders

Mrs Montague has  asked the group about Information Advice and Guidance information for parents and the need to work on this area. The group discussed a booklet to be uploaded on the website and Facebook page to support parents in helping their child make an informed decision. This could also be used at parent’s evenings. The group discussed the content:

  • Post 16 options
  • Forward thinking University
  • Financial support/UCAS process for Uni
  • Talking – friends/family about sectors they work in
  • Helpful websites
  • Additional supporting activities – work experience/volunteering/clubs to join etc
  • Step by Step guide on what to talk about and explore (mini careers session)
  • What is the English Bachelorette and an explanation of this
  • Apprenticeships

As you can see, this has been an extremely busy term for all of our Leadership Groups. We would like to thank them for their commitment to the school and look forward to working with them again to develop these ideas further in the new year.

Mrs Penny and Mr Stormer


Student Leadership Accreditation

Led by some of our sixth form students who have already been accredited, students in enrichment have been working on their ‘Student Leadership Accreditation’ evidence. This focuses on opportunities to develop Leadership skills. This is a high profile national accreditation facilitated by the SSAT where students can achieve a gold, silver or bronze in:

  • Developing themselves
  • Developing others
  • Contribution and leading in the community

The impact on developing leadership skills is clear and provides substance to CVs, interviews and UCAS forms for example. The SSAT certificate and custom designed badges are a tangible added bonus. We look forward to seeing how they progress.

Student Council Training | PDF


Updated September 2020



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