Personal Social and Health Education

One of the main aims of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Ousedale is to promote high self-esteem and confidence amongst the students. 

The PSHE programme is an important and necessary part of all students’ education as it helps to guide and form their decisions as well as encouraging them to become comfortable with their own identity. Within PSHE lessons, students will look to their futures by exploring different career paths, how to manage their finance and how a democracy works. They will also be taught a range of life skills, as well as raising their awareness of drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse. We also aim to provide opportunities for students to increase their understanding of the potential issues faced by those sharing a protected characteristic, as per the Equality Act 2010, so as to foster good relationships between all students.

Sex and Relationships Education is offered to all students and is based on government guidance. The current policy is available via the link below:

PSHE Policy | PDF

Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Policy | PDF

Our aims are set within a strong moral and values framework. In broad terms the Sex Education component of our provision will help individuals make wise choices and decisions about their personal behaviour, their bodies, sexuality and feelings. There will be active encouragement to consider and respect the choices and the feelings of others, particularly in relation to stable and loving relationships. Language used during the delivery of the course involves key words such as: tolerance, respect, love, diversity and care.

We seek to ensure that students learn the significance of marriage and stability as key building blocks of community and society; understand human sexuality; learn the arguments for delaying sexual activity, and be given information about organisations from which they can obtain information and advice on sexual health.

A programme of study is in operation for the course:

PSHE Provision 2021-22 | PDF


Any change to this provision will only be made if approved by the Governing Body.


Updated January 2022



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