Student Careers Information

Student Career Information 

The Careers Team run a programme of activities which are designed to develop student’s self-awareness and develop employability skills whilst enhancing their knowledge of different career sectors and roles.  We hold a variety of career events which include employer engagement, national event visits, one to one career sessions, group work and assemblies. 
It is not easy for young people to decide what career they want, especially when they haven’t had any experience of the working world or do not understand what that might involve. Each student has different requirements and criteria which are important to them in making a career decision.  Careers guidance helps to identify areas of interest that can be further explored and investigated and built over a period of time. By planning your journey as early as possible it will provide time for you to carefully consider and investigate all your thoughts and ideas, possibly undertake some work experience and start gaining the skills needed for your desired role. 
All students have the opportunity for one to one meeting with a member of the Careers Team where they can discuss GCSE subject choices, post-16 options, work experience and career paths. 
Some things that might be discussed in a careers meeting are:
What are you good at?
What do you enjoy?
Do you want to go to university?
Would you be interested in an apprenticeship?
How to use Labour Market Information
An appointment can be requested by a student at any time, or by staff members or parents. If you would like to request an appointment please email or pop in to the office which is located in the library.
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