ASPIRE 2021-22


Aspire is a programme that provides a wider provision for all our students through a range of interactive resources and opportunities. This will enable students to both broaden and deepen their understanding of issues and, to recognise intellectual positions on a range of different topics. An ability to conceptualise and evaluate different approaches will form an important touchstone of our approach. We would like our students to see that breakthroughs in different areas sometimes occur through systematic and rigorous processes and sometimes because of an ability to look beyond the obvious. A deepening of knowledge and concepts in addition to and beyond what is taught in the classroom will help our students to strive to gain the best opportunities for a bright and fulfilling future. In short, we would like our students to feel that they are equipped to grapple with problems and situations beyond the every day. 

Aspire Aims

By following the Aspire programme our students will:

  • Appreciate the wealth of knowledge and understanding that lies beyond a normal school curriculum
  • Strive to gain a greater understanding of the world we live in
  • Participate in a range of activities independently and with others
  • Ignite their passion for a love of learning
  • Reflect on the views of others and how they can influence what happens
  • Explore topics beyond the school curriculum and grapple with counterintuitive concepts


An Aspire year group folder will be set up for both the Newport Pagnell and Olney sites and all students, in all year groups, will be invited to interact.  As we are all currently working in the shadow of the COVID 19 epidemic, we have specifically looked at learning platforms that allow students to dip into a variety of activities each term. Materials will be updated termly so that different opportunities will be available. 

Engagement and Recognition

Students will receive recognition relating to their engagement with the programme through a series of levelled certificates. These will be presented during assemblies and at the end of year award evenings (if appropriate).

Each activity will have a short summary questionnaire for students to complete and submit. This will enable the Aspire team to track engagement and evaluate what aspects promote the widest engagement.


Each feature will be accompanied by a pack of resources/student engagement activity that can be submitted to google classroom.




PiXL Stretch is a resource that encourages students to be “stretched” intellectually and to experience and learn about innovations, ideas, research and people.

Podcasts are audio files that are available on the internet. BBC Sounds has a range of podcasts many of which are recordings of intellectual programmes e.g. Radio 4’s More or Less and The Infinite Monkey Cage.

The Careers Team will post presentations related to different areas of work. For example, this would include titles such as ‘How to get into medicine’, ‘A day in the of a solicitor’ etc.

Our Aspire Team will post links to a range of different Ted Lectures that will be organised in to themes.

There is a web page for special insights into different areas and special events as they come up.  The last one was a virtual tour of the Supreme Court and was associated with the careers page which was also on Law.


This tab will be regularly updated and will feature new links and competitions or definitions of webpages which may well be of interest to our students.



On this tab are a vast selection of lectures running from the middle of January until March. The speakers are from The Open University,; AstraZeneca; the Hartwell Institute; Kids in Data; and the University of Leeds.


LIVE LESSONS — Winifred Holtby

Staff will be asked to provide live lessons or recorded presentations similar to how the programme has been delivered in previous years. These have proven very popular.



Should you wish to discuss the Aspire programme with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at: - at Olney Campus or – at Newport Pagnell Campus.

If you or your child would like to discuss university entrance at any stage please do not hesitate to contact us on:


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