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Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 from April 20th 2020.
Information for Parents and Carers
A school is much more than a building; it is a learning community. To ensure that your child continues their education during the school closure, please find below information to support home learning for the summer term.
What work will my child be asked to complete?
Each subject will set your child a two week block of work. Each block will be designed to progress through a variety of knowledge and skills. A range of activities will be included such as: reading; explanations and examples; questions (and answers); a variety of on and off screen resources; a formal assessment task such as an essay, questions (including exam questions), presentations, drawing/art work or evaluation of physical activity or investigation.
Where will my child find their work? 
Commencing Friday 17th April, you will receive a fortnightly newsletter which will outline the next set of two week blocks of work. We will also include some further resources and websites to support your child’s learning. This newsletter will direct you and your child to the different platforms our subject areas will use. Our main internal platform is the Learning Zone that can be accessed using the portal on the school website. Some subjects are also using Google Classroom as well as some video conferencing for Year 12. 
As well as the fortnightly newsletter, we will continue to post an overview of all the work and which platforms to use on the school website.
How should my child complete and submit their work?
Each block of work will include information for your child about their teacher’s expectations, when and how they want the work submitted. We have also provided a suggested timetable for KS3 and 4 that mirrors the structure of the school day if your child wishes to follow this. 
Will my child’s work be marked? 
We are currently finalising our policy on what we expect from each teacher. It is quite a challenging area in terms of marking but we are setting clear expectations and these will be recorded to check on student progress.
My child needs help with the work, who should I contact? 
Using their school email accounts, students should email their subject teachers if they have any questions. If your child is having difficulties in accessing their emails, the Learning Zone or Google Classroom, please contact Kim Stevens in IT via email at: ITSupport@ousedale.org.uk. Your child’s form tutor will also be in contact once a week.
We fully understand the challenges that families are facing at this difficult time. Please do encourage your child to get in touch with their form tutor if they are in need of support or have any questions.


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