Recovery & Revision Sessions


We have been working hard to create a varied ‘Recovery & Revision’ programme for our Year 11 & Year 13 students.  The sessions will start from Monday 13th September and take place as a notional Lesson 6, between 3pm and 4pm.  

Details of these Year 11 sessions for each campus are on the link below:

Newport Pagnell & Olney Recovery & Revision Timetables - Spring Term

Details of these Year 13 sessions for the Newport Pagnell campus are on the link below:

Year 13 Newport Pagnell Recovery & Revision Timetable - Spring Term


Updated February 2022



Newport Pagnell Campus

Tel: 01908 210203
Fax: 01908 216574
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Olney Campus
Tel: 01234 717480
Fax: 0123 4 717509
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