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Ousedale School will provide all students with the knowledge, confidence and skills to contribute and compete successfully locally, nationally and globally.

Our vision is heavily influenced by our values and beliefs about education and is shared by the staff and governing board. There is emphasis on literacy, numeracy and the mastery of knowledge alongside opportunities to broaden horizons and develop character.

At the heart of our curriculum lies a respect for the subjects we teach and for the insight that each provides into the world around us. We encourage children to think, to question, and to be actively engaged with their learning.  Each of these skills are encouraged within the context of the rich knowledge each subject provides.   By instilling our students with the best of what’s been thought, said and done in each subject, our curriculum enables children to appreciate and participate in the full richness of the human experience.

We offer students an incredible range of culturally and intellectually inspiring enrichment opportunities, including: visits and talks from local and international businesses, numerous day and residential trips, weekly after school ASPIRE sessions and a half termly enrichment programme.  These constitute a further development of each subject ‘package’ and promote the development of a wider cultural capital for each student.

A child first and foremost is an individual to get to know, understand and respect, and secondly an Ousedale School student. It is very important to us that each student has the opportunity to shine.

We will meet the words of our motto, ‘Aspire, Believe, Achieve’, in all we stand for and aspire to be.


Our Motto


Students supported by staff and parents are motivated to aim high in everything they do. They aspire to new heights academically, practically and through the acquisition of new skills.


Students with staff, develop resilience, independence and self-belief in their ability to lead and reach challenging targets.


Students achieve outstanding results and share responsibility for their learning, enabling them to progress onto pathways of their choice, succeed in a competitive world and contribute to the success of the school.


Our Aims

To enhance and develop our Exceptional Learning Community through:

  • high expectations and standards
  • nurturing a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning
  • excellent teaching 
  • personalised support and guidance
  • broadening horizons and developing character
  • enriching opportunities for all
  • effective and creative partnerships with students, parents and our community


The curriculum for each subject is decided by subject leaders and is sequenced carefully to ensure coherence. Each element of the sequence contains a discrete body of knowledge and, at the end of each element, knowledge is tested through formal written assessments.

The stability of our subject curriculum allows subject expertise to develop over time, and we are careful to provide sufficient time for teachers within the same subject to meet together. Our subject expertise is strengthened through deliberate subject knowledge development CPD.

We follow a directed and responsive model of teaching, developed as part of the Ousedale Standard for teaching. Our approach to teaching and learning supports our curriculum by ensuring that lessons build on prior learning and provide sufficient opportunity for guided and independent practice.

Lessons are purposeful and challenging and teachers make particularly effective use of clear explanations, modelling and rigorous questioning and discussion to enable students to acquire, integrate and apply knowledge and develop understanding and skills. Homework is challenging and seeks to either consolidate learning in class or prepare students for future learning activities.

In our lessons you will typically see all students grappling with the same challenging content, with teachers providing additional support for students who need it.

Teachers are skilled at responding and adapting their teaching so that they remain focused on the needs of all their learners by: identifying and building on prior knowledge and skills; regularly checking for understanding, identifying and addressing misconceptions; giving focused feedback and helping students to engage with and act on that feedback.

Teachers have high expectations for all their students. Relationships in classes are strong and this helps to promote good behaviour and positive attitudes. Teachers encourage students to try hard and place emphasis on effort and attitude to learning when monitoring student progress. Student behaviour is managed very effectively, with clear processes employed to address the rare incidences of low level disruption or poor behaviour.


A Three Year KS3

Our curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 (the first three years at Ousedale) for all students covers English, Maths, Science, Computing and Digital Applications, Technology, Art, Music, Drama, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal Development. Detailed curriculum overviews are displayed for each year group in the menu on the right of this page.



In Years 10 and 11 a degree of choice is available within a broad curriculum framework. The choices are made in Year 9 by students and their parents, in consultation with subject and form tutors. The majority of students take GCSE Religious Studies however parents wishing to withdraw their children from studies involving Religious Education should contact Mr Whiting, Deputy Headteacher.

Assessment of all students' progress is carried out regularly, and is used to review grouping arrangements in subjects which are organised into ability sets. These are kept as flexible as possible to allow students to change according to progress.

Details of the KS4 courses and curriculum overviews are available in the menu opposite.


Sixth Form (KS5)

A prospectus for the Sixth Form is published annually in the late Autumn Term and can be downloaded from the Sixth Form section of the website.




Ousedale School students use common assessments in most subjects.  These are high quality summative assessments which allow pupils to demonstrate their growing understanding of their subjects and teachers to assess the impact of their teaching. These summative assessments are typically taken twice or three times a year, enabling teachers to focus on formative assessment from lesson to lesson.

Our formative assessments are designed to support students in achieving fluency in each subject. This means that in lessons pupils are quizzed on prior knowledge in order to embed this knowledge in their long term memory. This frees up their working memory to attend to current learning. We are particularly conscious of the role that literacy and vocabulary plays in unlocking the whole curriculum. Our teachers explicitly teach the meaning of subject-specific language, and we expect lessons to contain challenging reading and writing.

Parents receive reports on their child’s progress at each assessment point.

Every child has an equal right to a challenging and enlightening curriculum. By teaching this curriculum well, and developing effective habits in our pupils, we bring out the best in everyone.

As result of the high quality curriculum, students are able to successfully move on to the next stage of their education and/or training.


High Quality Teaching: The Ousedale Standard

Teachers who provide a

responsive cycle of:

In a culture of:

  • Clear Purpose
  • High Challenge 
  • Clear Explanation
  • Precise Modelling
  • Rigorous Questioning
  • Opportunities  to practise
  • Regular Assessment
  • Focused Feedback


  • High Expectations
  • Clear Routines
  • Consistent  Standards
  • Infectious Enthusiasm
  • Positive Relationships
  • Sincere Praise
  • Frequent Rewards


Underpinned by:

Excellent Subject Knowledge

Excellent Knowledge of the Students we Teach

A Carefully Sequenced and Cohesive Curriculum




The Characteristics of a Responsive Teacher

Anticipates barriers and seeks solutions

Identifies and builds on prior knowledge

Reads the room and responds to students’ verbal and non-verbal signals

Regularly checks for understanding

Identifies and addresses gaps and misconceptions

Adapts teaching in response to emerging needs

Gives focused feedback

Helps learners to engage with and act on feedback

Uses assessment to inform planning

Seeks and listens to students’, parents’ and colleagues’ feedback


For further information regarding the Curriculum, please contact Mr Whiting, Deputy Headteacher at chris.whiting@ousedale.org.uk




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