Ousedale School Sixth Form Enrolment

Ousedale School Sixth Form Enrolment

It will be necessary for you to confirm your course choice in the light of your GCSE results.  When you receive your results you will also be given one of three letters:

  • You have met the entry requirement and your place in Sixth Form is confirmed
  • You need to review your subject choices in light of results  - please discuss with a member of the sixth form team
  • You have not met the entry requirements and will need to seek an alternative Post-16 provision

Once your place is confirmed, you should complete the Enrolment Form and hand it in at the enrolment desk along with your £50 registration fee (cheque or cash).  You will also need to have a photograph taken for your lanyard. The enrolment desk will operate on Thursday 23rd August (9am to 11.30am) or Friday 24th August (10am to 12pm). 

The registration fee will cover additional resources required for sixth form study and could include the cost of:

  • Resources for the delivery of each course such as text books, practise papers, consumable resources such as exercise books, chemicals, paper.
  • A curriculum enrichment trip
  • Licenses for sixth form resources

The deadline for the receipt of all forms is Friday 24th  August.  Late forms could lead to the loss of a place on the course.

You should have already researched particular subject requirements for any intended career paths.  If you wish to follow the subjects for which you applied and have achieved the entrance requirements, you will be enrolled automatically on to courses on return of the form.  If there are any changes you wish to make, please indicate these on the form in the space provided.


It will be necessary to see a member of the Sixth Form staff, if:

  • You wish to change a course from the agreed choice
  • You have not met the entry requirements exactly
  • You have any other questions or queries about access to Sixth Form

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