Ace Day Activities - 26th March 2019

Ace Day Activities - 26th March 2019

Year 13

Get it done part 2!

Students will have created their own bespoke programme for the day. This will include a mixture of revision sessions, coursework tasks to complete and other things that need doing! They will set goals to achieve during the day, and reflect on their successes in the afternoon.

Year 12

Students will participate in a carousel of activities that are designed to help them start thinking about their next steps. We will be welcoming Dave Keeling who will sharing some helpful tips on how to stay motivated and create good study habits. We will also be joined by an ex student who will share her experiences of life after Ousedale and settling into university.

Year 11

Students will be involved in their final preparations for both Maths and RS. They will spend the day working on revision and exam preparation.

Year 10

EBacc Option Block


Students will be working on their human fieldwork. This is an important aspect of the course which feeds directly in to their unit 3 exam. On the day students will work through the planning, data collection, and presentation stages of their fieldwork. Using this information they will then be able to analyse their findings and subsequently give an overall conclusion. This will be assessed as part of the end of year 10 exams in the summer term.


As part of our GCSE History course, we study a Historic Environment Site Study for the Elizabethan England exam unit. This year our topic is the Spanish Armada and the English Channel. The National Maritime Museum has created an AQA specific workshop which will allow pupils to interact with primary and secondary evidence relating to the Spanish Armada and explore a new exhibit about Navigation and Trade in the Elizabethan World. Skilled museum staff will guide three workshops throughout the day.

Olney campus students will have their historical visit later in the year. On Ace day they will be studying in depth how different groups have gained power and status in British History. They will complete a variety of tasks to assess how successfully women, the working class and immigrants have improved their status over time. This will supplement their next GCSE unit – ‘Power and the People’.


Students will be competing to plan the best trip to a destination in France or a French speaking country featuring a local festival and presenting a sales pitch for their trip to the rest of the group.


Students will be competing to plan a trip to a Spanish speaking country and presenting a sales pitch for their trip to the rest of the group

Year 9 – Enterprise Challenge

Students will be participating in the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge, with the winning team going through to the National final. The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge is a full day enterprise programme where students work in teams of six on real life business challenges, which are set by real life businesses.

Year 8 – Mission to Mars

Year 8 will be looking at Mission to Mars! They will be working in teams, completing a range of practical STEM challenges.  Subject areas include space food, habitation, and rocket launching & landing. The day will be run as a competition with prizes for the best group in each class.

Year 7 – The good, the bad and the bugly

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of insects. During this Ace day, year 7s will explore the unknown earth beneath their feet from all around the globe, identifying the purposes, uses and adaptations of different insects, those that are edible and those that will put up a fight if you encounter them. Students will have to use their teamwork skills, resilience to problem solving and their creative crafting ideas to earn Epraise points throughout the day. Let's see who are the good, the bad and the ... bugly!


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