Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to the new 2018-19 Sixth Form Leadership Team

Kryštof Jehlička- Head Boy

Since joining Ousedale 6 years ago, I feel that I have grown as an individual, particularly through gaining a number of transferable skills both from my A-Level subjects, as well as from opportunities the school has given me. Earlier this year, for example, I was involved in Save the Children’s protest against the bombing of Yemen, which took place outside the Houses of Parliament. For Sixth Form I had no intention of moving away from such a school life, and so I chose Mathematics, Economics, French and Geography for my A-Levels. I have my heart set on studying Geography at university level- my goal is to study the subject at the University of Edinburgh. I am a keen student who enjoys learning, and I have high aspirations for the future.

As Head Boy I feel that it is my duty to facilitate communication between both the students’ and school’s voices- thus I believe it is vital that everyone’s voice is heard. Therefore, my goal is to promote a continued sense of unity in our school. I am also keen on working with other Student Leadership Team members on a number of upcoming projects, such as improving the Sixth Form centre’s sustainability programme, for example through providing a clear and well-organised recycling scheme.

Lottie Hutton - Head Girl

Throughout my time at Ousedale, all the way from year 7 to sixth form, I believe that Ousedale has given me something that I could not find anywhere else. I have learnt many valuable lessons and have been given the opportunity to push myself to exceed academically. It's with high gratitude that I now present myself as Head Girl, a real achievement of mine. Currently, at sixth form, I am studying Biology, Geography and History. I've enjoyed Geography and History since year 7 and always wished to continue them to further develop my knowledge at an a-level standard. With biology, I have always had a passion for learning about immunology and the human defence mechanisms. Past sixth form, I plan to study immunology at University: aiming for a top university such as Birmingham or London, where they excel in the teaching of Biology.

 As an Ousedale student, I have always strived to better myself everyday. During the exam period in year 11, I revised hard and overcame many difficulties, and was able to achieve high grades of 9 A*/A grades and 1 B. This was a great reward as it proved that perseverance and determination pays off.

 My vision for Ousedale is to further enhance it's community feel. By engaging all of my peers, I want to ensure that each voice is heard so that we can all contribute to helping each other and bettering ourselves. In order to accomplish this, I want to organise more charitable events and acts of goodness that bring community feel to our school. I also feel strongly about helping the environment more and create a recycling scheme which can create rewards and prizes. A great example of a legacy I could look back onto would be to participate in the bottle2build charity for Africa. This is where bottles are collected, and when the goal is reached, classrooms can be built for a school in need of support. By doing this, not only will we bring acts of goodness to the school, but we can also give to others in need.

Fergal Mac Manus - Deputy Head Boy

I have been at Ousedale school since Year 7 and now I am in the sixth form studying  Economics, Geography, Physics and Maths.  In the future, I aim to study applied Maths or Geography at University. 

In the role of Deputy Head Boy, I am to enhance the extracurricular opportunities in Ousedale, particularly in Music here at Ousedale, in both the 6th form and lower school. 

I am looking forward to implementing this in the role of Deputy Head Boy at Ousedale in year 13. 

Munachiso Oriaku - Deputy Head Girl

The thought of coming to a new school was initially daunting but out of all the schools I applied to, the teaching standards at Ousedale matched my expectations and continue to do so. Currently I study Politics, History and English Literature at A- level with the intent of studying Law at one of the London schools or Oxford University. Outside of school I work part time, occasionally play netball and also take part in debating competitions when the opportunity arises which I thoroughly enjoy.

I consider becoming Deputy Head Girl as a huge achievement that I am very proud of and I hope with this role I can leave having made a positive impact in the school. I aim to be approachable and very willing to listen and voice opinions of students fairly and rationally. Aside from learning I feel school should also be about interacting with your peers outside of lessons hence why I feel passionate about creating a sense of unity across the sixth form. I anticipate to introduce a house system within the sixth form in which forms across the two years compete together in various activities. This will encourage interaction between both year groups thus bringing them closer and forming that sense of community within the sixth form.


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