Student Leadership


Ousedale School is a community in which students are fully integrated in student leadership roles that support the work of the school and the wider community, while at the same time developing their leadership skills preparing them for the next stage of their education or employment.

Aims of Student Leadership at Ousedale School

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.  
  • To provide opportunities for students to flourish within the school and wider community
  • To provide a chance for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities which impact positively within school on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff, as well as out of school in the local community.  
  • To prepare students holistically to excel in life after formal education.


Student Council 2016/17 overview looking back

Year 7

Year 7 have achieved a lot in a short space of time, and this was their first council experience at Ousedale School. Achievements include: Front of queue pass for KS3, Rugby club for girls, ‘Do’s and don’ts’ of free time poster for tutor groups. They are currently working on a new project to make the appearance of the school even better. They are currently planning an assembly to share with other years.


Year 8

The main focus for the year 8 council this year has been the school environment.

They have mainly worked on creating wildlife houses and bird feeders and are currently on with building a pond. The council are also working with year 7 creating a litter assembly for PALS to deliver next year. Over the Christmas period the council organised and ran a charity netball and football tournament to raise money for Willen hospice.


Year 9

Year 9 student council are in the process of completing a relaxation corner in the eco-centre. 24 year 9 students are participating in the enrichment activity constructing a wooden seat/pagoda from scratch. A member of the student council also organised a Lithuanian lesson to other year 9 students and hopes to run this with aspire students next term.

Again, a big focus is the environment where they have developed a working group developing their ideas of how to improve the environment within the lower school canteen. They distributed questionnaires have been distributed to the KS3 tutor groups to research how students feel about the canteen. A presentation is being put together focusing on the introduction of canteen monitors who will volunteer on a rota and work alongside duty staff.


Year 10

Year 10 have focussed on using their experiences to try and benefit others. They organised an Assembly for Year 9 surrounding GCSE/BTEC options. They are also planning an Assembly to deliver to next year’s Year 10 encouraging hard work and commitment in Year 11.

They are currently ‘in discussions’ with the site team regarding benches. Student Council members are also attached to each Department area to contribute to praise and rewards systems. They are also looking to plan an additional fund raising opportunity for our charities.


Year 11

Year 11 designed a questionnaire that all students in Year 11 were invited to take part in so that an appropriate leavers top could be ordered. They reviewed the questionnaires and got quotes from three different providers, and opted for a zip up hoody.

They decided to split roles within the team in terms of the environment and they all had a fortnightly day where the council member would monitor the canteen.

During the latter stages of the year they all brought ideas regarding what part of school they would like to see refurbished. The refurbishment of the science block news meant they were very pleased.

They are currently working with ‘Time for Change’ focussing on student wellbeing.


Key Stage 3 Olney

At the start of the year they ran a short term project where the council raised awareness about corridor etiquette by creating posters, researching routes around campus, liaising with staff and their tutor groups.  They also liaised with the science department surrounding a new competition/experience outside of school which will be introduced next academic year. They also created a student council notice board with suggestion areas to ensure that student voice is accessible to all of KS3. They are currently in the process of planning for a long term project alongside ‘Environment Leaders’ to refurbish the Olney campus quiet area. They were also involved in a successful question and answer session with the Chair of Governors.

In addition, the Chair (of the council) – Charlotte Paul – successfully gain a place on the MK Youth Cabinet


Key Stage 4 Olney

Implemented a question box in reception for students to post ideas about what they would like to have discussed in student council meetings. They also made sure that there were more signs around school and suggested that we had more litter bins available in the which is now the case.

They want to get a speaker in from Amnesty International and are currently working with the canteen about alternative options.

They also suggested that a litter leadership team was implemented and that is now a part of the new leadership role of ‘Environment Leader’ role


Other Leadership roles

In addition to being a member of the council (or instead of), Environment Leaders were appointed in July 2017 and have started their work as outlined in the job description in September 2017.

Other Leadership roles will be created throughout the year and we look forward to your application . . .


‘Student Leadership Accreditation’

Further opportunities to develop Leadership skills is through the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation where students focus on:

Students have been awarded 11 bronze, 5 silver and 4 gold accreditations. 




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