Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl Introductions

Head Boy

My name is Vladyslav Ternovyi; I am grateful for the chance of being the Head Boy for the next year at this school. I am very much looking forward to working in partnership with the Head Girl, the Deputies and the Sixth Form Leadership Team for the benefit of all the students.

When I joined Ousedale School in Year 8, the only language I spoke fluently was Russian. Since then, the school gave me numerous opportunities to grow as a person and I have enjoyed my time here greatly. The subjects that I am currently studying include: Further Maths, Physics and Economics. 

I am committed to supporting and working with many students within the school; my main aim is to represent the voices of the students to the Senior Leadership Team and to make sure that the students’ wishes are fulfilled. I also intend on organising more activities within the school to make sure that there is something that interests everyone throughout the year. 

Head Girl

Hi I’m Olivia Garrod, I’m about to begin my final year in Sixth Form where I’ll carry on studying Geography, Psychology and Biology.  My goal is to study Sport Psychology and after looking at different universities my preference so far is Loughborough. The choice of Loughborough is fuelled by my love for running and fitness, which plays a major role in my life.  I’m passionate about making Sixth Form enjoyable, bringing everyone together and ensuring people leave Sixth Form with everything they need to be successful.  
I’m really looking forward to Year 13 as Head Girl and helping to make this year successful, positive and rewarding for all of us before we go our separate ways.  I’m excited about hearing all of your ideas and working together to make the most of our last year and leaving Ousedale an even more successful school for future years.  

Deputy Heads

My name is Hamish Bull and I am one half of the Deputy Head Boy role. Throughout my five years at Ousedale I have seen the school positively develop and modernise itself into the successful school it is today. My aim is to further the school’s evolution and its success and make it a school that is ideal for every student from all walks of life. Academically wise I am studying Mathematics, Biology and Psychology. I have always been very interested in sport and that is shown with my achievements in rugby, playing for the East Midlands squad and also coming joint 3rd in the country in the U17 Olney RFC side of 2016. I hope to use my past experiences as a Student Ambassador to help and advise the Student Leadership Team and contribute as much as I can to the school.

I am Darragh Mac Manus and I am Deputy Head Boy. I am in Year 13 and my subjects are Maths, Music and English Literature. I plan to study Mathematical Science at NUI Galway. I am part of the Sixth Form Council and the Sixth Form Leadership Team.  My role in both of these teams is Artistic Director. This includes setting up clubs, creating schedules and organising performances for Drama, Music and the rest of the arts. 

Hi, I am Taryn Edrich and I will be one of your Deputy Head Girls this year. A key feature of my role is to support the Head Girl. I moved from South Africa and started attending Ousedale in Year 10. This was TERRIFYING to say the least but I was made to feel truly welcome here thanks to a combination of amazing friends and great staff members. So feel free to come and talk to me at any time if you are feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to. I am currently completing my A-levels of which I study Psychology, PE and Maths. I hope to one day pursue a career in Physiotherapy. My hobbies include tennis.

Hello, I am Grace Kennedy and I am delighted to be one of the Deputy Head Girls for the 2016-17 academic year. I am currently studying Psychology, Geography and World Development at A Level and if all goes to plan I hope to study Geography at Cardiff University. Over the next year I am looking forward to working with the Sixth Form Leadership Team to help further the achievements of Ousedale School; more importantly I will use this opportunity to represent students' interests and ideas. 


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