Additional Curriculum Experience Days

Additional Curriculum Experience Days are designed to extend and enrich the student experience in school. Students are encouraged to participate in activities which may be different and new to them, that will challenge them, and promote characteristics such as Partnership, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Effort.

Key Stage 3

Each year group will participate in three cross-curricular project/activities as shown below. 

Key Stage 4

Year 11 – 1 day each for core subjects
Year 10 – 1 day each for option block subjects

Themes for 2018/19

Year Group Wednesday
26th September 
7th February
26th April
7 Team Building, led by PALs Performing and Visual Arts Environment
8 Team Building, led by PALS Charity STEM
9 Team Building, led by PALs Shakespeare Enterprise
10 Option Block 1 Option Block 2 EBacc Option
11 English Science Maths
 12 Making a successful start to sixth form Careers UCAS
 13 Next Steps - careers/UCAS Get it done 1 Get it done 2



In the summer term, there will be a block of 3 ACE Days, 10th - 12th July 2018. The majority of activities offered will last for the three days. Students will stay with the same staff and group giving them the opportunity to become fully involved in an activity.  It provides a safe, structured opportunity where students can enjoy new experiences and gain new skills. The week will give students the chance to be active, to participate, take on responsibility and show maturity. It is a time to have new experiences that will make students more aware of what they can do in the future.

Activities will either be based on site, involve a trip on one or more days or could involve a residential. Each opportunity will offer an exciting learning experience, for example, History trips to Vietnam or Berlin, organising a sports tournament or participating in a dance workshop. 



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